How You Can Be A Smart Investor

– YouTube! Facebook! Instagram, what’s poppin’? Got a free book summary for you. Intelligent Investor. We’re gonna be talking about how to invest your money. Remember this: Most people are always working for money and money never works for them. This is a complicated book but I’m gonna make it easy for you. We’re gonna take the Aventador. We’re actually looking at some real estate. But I’m gonna give you this book, the tips so you don’t have to read it. This right here’s the Aventador. (imitates car zooming) Always open the doors, men. Here’s the first tip of the book, it’s not even in the book but it’s the first thing I learned about investing.

How much money do you make in a job if you’re making, let’s say 20 bucks an hour? If you make 20 bucks an hour you make about $40,000 a year. That’s what it comes out to. But, imagine if you made $20 an hour, but 24 hours a day. Now, completely changes the game. Now you’re making over a $100,000 a year. So the first rule is money’s gotta work for you, not just in a job. Second thing is, and what’s big in this book, Intelligent Investor, and what Warren Buffett uses, whenever you invest your money, make sure there’s what’s called a margin of safety. That means if you think it’s barely a good investment, if you’re gonna put in a $1000, a $100,000, a million, and you think there’s a 50/50 chance that it’s gonna be a good investment, don’t do it. Because things rarely work out as well as you think. You basically only want things that are home runs. And it’s okay to pass on investments, because people get too much FOMO, they go “Oh, if I miss this one investment, “another one will never come around.” No. So for example, if you got a friend that tells you, “Look man, you invest 10 grand and you’re gonna make, “you got a really good chance you can make 11 grand back”.

Or if you’re gonna invest in the stock market, and you think you’re gonna get a 20% return on your investment, right? Which would be considered good. Odds are it ain’t gonna work out as well as you think. Not to be a pessimist, but– – You really see. – Yeah, if you look at the down-side, when it doesn’t go amazingly well and it’s still not too bad, that’s what you wanna invest in. I’ll look at investments, not just the financial margin of safety, but also an enjoyable one. Meaning if it doesn’t work out did I enjoy the year that I spent doing it? Did I enjoy the people I was around, the business partners. And by the way, I’ll throw this out as an investment tip. It’s not in the book, but that book was written quite a long time ago. Mark my words, social media and your ability to invest in understanding it, using it. When you see big trends like this, never be too late to the game.

Billions of people are potentially understanding your message, your art, your business, your product, your invention, your idea. (laid back hip hop music) Well, guess what. – We’re stranded. – The Lambo key died, so now we’re gonna have to go take a Lyft to get the new Lambo key battery. Fun. Auto Zone to get batteries, so this doesn’t happen again. (chuckling) There we go. New battery. Let’s see if it works though.

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Tai Lopez here is the man. You know what he did for me? He inspired me. I made my own business. 300,000 the past three weeks. – Construction business. – Construction business. – That’s nice. – I’m 23 years old, hustling the way I’m supposed to because of him. – Zack, what did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy 2? – I didn’t even see the first one, so I was confused pretty much most of the time. I didn’t know what was happening– – You’ve seen the first one! – Rome, what’d you think of Guardians of the Galaxy? – I have no thoughts, I don’t know how to process it– – [Tai] You don’t know what you just watched? – Yeah, I don’t know what that was. (female laughing) It was interesting though. – [Tai] What’d Wulbert think of it? – Oh, it was pretty good. You know what I’m sayin’? Yeah, almost good as Transformers.

(giggling) Say hi to your mother for me, okay? (laughing) – [Tai] Zack, why do you have a backpack on? – In case any of my fans spot me here, I can change. I don’t have to take pictures or do any autograph signings. Yeah, I’m not in the mood this weekend. – [Tai] No autograph signings? – No. (laughing) – [Tai] What are you gonna say if people want an autograph? – I’m gonna tell ’em no, no, not tonight I’m tired. Go bother Tai, please..