Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Full Review with Sample Footage

Today I’m going to show you a low-budget action camera there’s a great alternative to the GoPro so let’s get started right now Hi my name is Aron from 3tailsRV.com and this is a review of the Xiaomi Yi action camera Lori and I were looking for an action camera that was within our budget and provide us with the best bang for our buck we did our homework compared many different action cameras available on the market and came to the conclusion that this was the action camera that would do everything that we needed it to do for the best price the Xiaomi Yi action camera comes in a very impressive well-thought-out packaging in the box you’ll find the camera USB cable owners manual and battery now let’s take a little walk around this camera the Yi action camera has an impressive fwide-angle lens with a hundred fifty five degree angle of view..

With Sony made 16-megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor abroad cam wireless module and an umbrella A7 ls system running the show and simply translates that is comparable to the hero4 at one third the price on the top of the shutter stop and start button and an indicator light to remind you the unit is recording down the side is a Wi-Fi indicator LED that blinks blue when Wi-Fi is active and the Wi-Fi on and off button on the front is the power button which is also the mode change button that will allow you to switch between photo and video modes…

From right to left… The battery compartment where the 1200 milliamps battery next to the camera. The battery can we usually charge you the microUSB port next is the mini HDMI USB port for data charge and transfer video pictures from your camera to your computer LED indicator light memory card slot for micro SD cards of the max size of 64 megabytes microphone tripod screw mount and lastly another led recording mode indicator….

Exhuming action camera offers more camera features and better video and photo quality then you can typically find its price it has a removable battery and a standard 14 20-inch tripod mount and a micro-hdmi port supports live video output instructions for the action camera are in Chinese so it may take a little bit of minor guesswork get started remember card mounts or housings are included with the e and the he is a waterproof on its own the battery life could be much better overall the extra extra camera has high quality video shooting options and as well above other cameras in his class GoPro accessories are widely available and amazon link is provided in the description we have used QE action camera now for the last two years and we now own two of them and they have served as well for documenting our RV travel blogs RV adventures and DIY project videos i recommend this action camera is a low-budget alternative and feel that it would be a great addition to everyone’s camera parcel what extra camera you use and why did you choose it please leave us a comment below because we love reading your feedback lori and i would like to thank you for following along with us today for more RV tips and projects check us out at three tails Harvey calm if you have any questions or comments about today’s video you can leave them below and I will answer them as best as i can make sure you hit the subscribe button somewhere on this page so you can get more RV related videos and content in the future thank you so much for watching and remember live simple live free and enjoy the ride and we hope to see you again real soon